Revision History

Version 4.05

  • Replaced controls in self-extracting archive code that were triggering false positives from anti-virus programs
  • Increased GUI font size

Version 4.04

  • Fixed bug when wiping 0-byte files

Version 4.03

  • Converted help file to html format

Version 4.02

  • Rename command in Archive Manager now allows case change
  • Files/directories with ampersand characters now display correctly

Version 4.01

  • Fixed internal PUF file renaming bug
  • Fixed directory wipe bug
  • Encryption options now remembered between sessions
  • Blank line option added to editor/clipboard signing

Version 4.00

  • New interface
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman public keys
  • HMAC authentication
  • PUF archives now support directory hierarchy
  • Add, freshen, delete, and rename files inside PUF archives
  • Zip-strength compression
  • Self-decrypting archives with GUI interface
  • PNG and BMP image steganography
  • Keylogger password protection

Version 3.12

  • Updated order form

Version 3.11

  • Fixed minimize bug in PufMail utility

Version 3.10

  • Full strength encryption now available in all versions
  • Updated order form

Version 3.0c

  • Fixed PUFMail bug
  • Fixed destination directory bug

Version 3.0b

  • Fixed bug in wipe free space function

Version 3.0a

  • Fixed Runtime Error 200 bug in SFWIPE.EXE and self-extracting EXE's
  • Added command line interface and multi-pass option to SFWIPE.EXE
  • Large FAT32 drives now supported with wipe free space function
  • Fixed decrypt target directory bug
  • Updated order form

Version 3.0

  • Complete rewrite with the addition of public key cryptography