Revision History

Version 7.19

  • Player's Run-It-Twice setting now remembered between sessions
  • Offline command (Admin and API) now works for non-running tournaments
  • Fixed registration refund bug for cancelled tournaments
  • Fixed scrollbar bug in extended chat/info box
  • API exception errors now produce a stack trace in error log

Version 7.18

  • Fixed entry fee accounting bug caused by no-show removal

Version 7.17

  • Players can now hide/unhide chat sidebar in mobile interface
  • Message now shown to busted tourney players if a re-entry is possible
  • Custom labels now used for custom account fields in admin console
  • Added new Transactions database setting: "Record API Log Parameter"
  • Added "Toolbar: Transactions" to admin profile rights editor
  • Creator field now saved correctly regardless of admin rights
  • Export functions in admin console now prevented from overwriting .db files
  • Added HandNumber to RingGameStart callback event
  • Added Import and Export buttons to Service Manager

Version 7.16

  • Fixed potential memory corruption bug in websocket thread handler

Version 7.15

  • Fixed Registration Period bug created by 7.14 release
  • Tourney info window now shows Start Time Hold value

Version 7.14

  • Added a "Start Time Hold" setting to tournaments
  • Proxy WSS setting now works correctly with raw IPs
  • All critical section blocks now trapped for errors

Version 7.13

  • Changed "Player chop" to "Player chop max" in tournament settings.
  • Added option to save column sizes in admin console.
  • Fixed TournamentsWaiting bug in API.
  • Databases now checked for corruption at startup.

Version 7.12

  • Added "Visible permission" setting to ring games and tournaments
  • Added "Rabbit Hunt" setting to Client Settings group
  • Added Save button to transactions window in player client
  • Added beep sound when mixed choice and ICM chop dialogs appear

Version 7.11

  • Fixed ticket bug in tourney results file

Version 7.10

  • Final table graphic now works in shootout tourneys
  • ICM chop option now works in shootout tourneys
  • Fixed several critical section bugs

Version 7.09

  • Added Number parameter to TournamentsResults command in API
  • Fixed PW field bug for AccountsEdit command in API

Version 7.08

  • Added Site Password POST setting for POST/GET form method option
  • Fixed re-login bug that failed to remove old session
  • Fixed stakes display bug in lobby for mixed games
  • Fixed bug in Proxy WSS setting that used wrong websocket port
  • Table now self-corrects if mixed game change missed due to dropped connection
  • End Break Early box now appears when opening table during rest break

Version 7.07

  • Added "PKO bounty" option to tournament settings
  • Added player's bounty to seat mouseover info
  • Added Save button to mobile interface
  • Moved ICM Chop agreement to beginning of hand
  • Fixed tourney results bug for winner's own bounty
  • Fixed level timer bug during sync break
  • Fixed deck change bug for run-it-twice board
  • Implemented word wrap in debugger dialogs

Version 7.06

  • Added grid configuration options to admin console
  • Fixed renaming bug in API RingGamesEdit/TournamentsEdit
  • Fixed "Ante All" setting bug in mixed games with 6+Holdem
  • Ace to Nine straight in 6+Holdem now highlighted correctly
  • Fixed bug triggered by a blank "Late Penalty" setting
  • Hands now complete if "Take Offline Now" activated during showdown

Version 7.05

  • Added "Client Color Theme" function to Admin Console Help menu
  • Default card deck can now be set in Player Settings group
  • Fixed bug where final table was declared before the last table merge
  • Fixed bug in AccountsEdit API that conflicted with balance change
  • Fixed exploit in balance reset feature
  • Fixed bug caused by lurker changing their table settings
  • Fixed other minor bugs and memory leaks
  • Port number now shown on rogue connection rejections in event log

Version 7.04

  • Added classic card deck design, now four decks to choose from
  • Added Memory used indicator to status bar, API SystemStats, traffic record
  • Added "Log rogue connections" option to Log Settings
  • Added admin profile right for "Show Threads" button
  • Fixed bug that put hole cards face down after reloading client
  • Accounts tab now updates correctly when ticket balance changes
  • Fixed admin console loading dialog bug for certain admin profiles
  • Fixed a small memory leak in player connections
  • Table crashes will now add a stack trace to error log
  • Improved error trapping when sending data to disconnected clients

Version 7.03

  • Fixed blank list bugs in Mixed Choice and Player Chop games

Version 7.02

  • Fixed thread leak caused by rogue websocket connections
  • Rogue connections now recorded in event log
  • Added "Show Threads" button to admin console help menu
  • Added "Table banner offset" setting to Client Media group
  • Added "\" root folder to admin console file browser
  • Player name is no longer case sensitive for account transactions
  • Fixed ring/tourney renaming bug
  • Fixed timer overflow bug in "Log Error Dupes" setting

Version 7.01

  • Fixed spurious WSServerExecute errors caused by reconnect attempts
  • Error Log now shows stack trace for WSServerExecute errors
  • Fixed Admin Console lockup when Error/Event logs passed 10000 items
  • Fixed Proxy WSS lockout bug when connecting to raw IP or localhost
  • Fixed double slash // bug in SSL Redirect option
  • Fixed SSL bug in Lite version
  • Fixed Payout Structure edit bug in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed line break bug in Site News and Site FAQ settings
  • Fixed Tournament status not updating when manually going online
  • Fixed Info tab text truncation on iPad.
  • Admin Console now complies correctly with LogMaxItems setting
  • Changed local admin console path from to localhost/admin
  • Added 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 (IPv6 localhost) to admin whitelist
  • Added "Debug" button to Connections tab to retrieve player's debugger content
  • Added "Error Log" button in Service Manager
  • Added "Run twice icon" setting to Client Settings group
  • OpenSSL files now included in program installation

Version 7.00

  • Added Omaha-6 games
  • Added Courchevel games (Pro/Gold editions)
  • Added 6+Holdem games (Gold edition)
  • Added player's choice option to mixed ring games
  • Added ICM Chop option to tournaments (Gold edition)
  • Added Rabbit Hunting option (Pro/Gold edition)
  • Added Run-it-twice option for ring games
  • New table menu with icons replacing drop menu
  • New graphical replay hand summary feature
  • Live level timer now displayed on tournament tables
  • Added ability to reveal specific hole cards in non-showdown situations
  • Busted ring game players can now perform instant rebuys to stay in next hand
  • Lobby and table windows now have maximize and minimize buttons and can also be manually resized from any side or corner
  • On-table chat box can be toggled to statistics mode
  • Doubled graphics resolution for table graphics (avatars, cards, chips)
  • New chip transaction database can be queried by players
  • New self-suspend account option
  • Quicker access to full screen mode for Android users
  • Server converted to Windows Service program with a Service Manager program used to launch server, open Windows firewall, and open ports in router
  • Admin console is now a web-socket based web application
  • SSL support added to Lite edition
  • Server can now accept SSL and non-SSL connections simultaneously
  • Added four additional custom fields for accounts
  • Added custom page access from client with player validation API command
  • Improved control over client color scheme
  • Disconnect protection now has separate time bank
  • Option added to resign from tournament
  • Increased tournament starting chips maximum to 100K

Version 6.34

  • Added "Amount" field to TourneyRegister and TourneyUnregister callbacks.
  • Added "Log admin chat" setting to Log Settings group.
  • Fixed double printing "Flop" line bug in client-side hand history.
  • Fixed datestamp bug in server-side hand history files.

Version 6.33

  • Added "Leave+" action to RingGameWait callback event.
  • Tournament Info now shows add-on cost when rebuys are off but add-on enabled.
  • "Rebuy fee:" changed to "Rebuy/Add-on fee:" in Language settings.
  • Changed all "Max ... days" log setting defaults from 30 to 0 (unlimited).

Version 6.32

  • Fixed bugs in AccountsPermission and AccountsTicket API commands.
  • Fixed scrollbar bug in player client.
  • Updated SQLite dll file to newer version.

Version 6.31

  • Fixed first round betting bug in Stud/Razz games.
  • Added headers to client for preventing browser caching.

Version 6.30

  • Added "All-in pause seconds" setting to Client Settings group.
  • Added RingGameWait callback event.
  • Fixed crash recovery bug.
  • Fixed add-on/rebuy message language bug.

Version 6.29

  • Add-on notification can now trigger add-on dialog via OK/Cancel buttons.
  • Bounty now allowed with an add-on if max rebuys is 0.
  • Fixed roundoff error bug when refunding aborted tournament.
  • Pausing now prevented during tourney break to prevent rebuy/add-on bug.

Version 6.28

  • Add-on now allowed when Max Rebuys is 0.
  • Players can now filter tournaments on "Re-entry" format.
  • Fixed crash recovery bugs for non-paying players with tickets.

Version 6.27

  • Added Re-Entry option to tournaments.
  • Added "Uniques" field to tournament results file.
  • Late registration now works correctly while tournament paused.
  • Improved radio button control in client.

Version 6.26

  • Fixed Razz/Stud tourney bug involving side pot award to absent player.
  • Tourney crash file now credits rebuy/add-on fees back to remaining players.

Version 6.25

  • Fixed bug in tourney crash file system related to funded ticket players.
  • Fixed mouse click bug on touch enabled devices.
  • Fixed accidental closing of wrong table in mobile mode via table menu.
  • Late tourney registrants now seated in ready mode.

Version 6.24

  • Added "Bonus Ticket" setting to tournaments.
  • Added "Late Penalty" setting to tournaments.
  • Pause function now works in waiting mode for ring games.
  • Fixed bug with final table graphic showing too soon.
  • Waiting status now updates correctly in ring game list.

Version 6.23

  • Added Start Minimum and Start Code setting for ring games.
  • Added Start function to ring games Action button menu.
  • Added RingGamesStart command to API.
  • Fixed prizepool bug when unfunded ticket player removed.
  • Fixed Traffic interval reset bug.
  • Fixed Pause function bug during tourney startup period.
  • Max tournament startup seconds increased from 120 to 300.
  • Fixed duplicate player import debit bug in master house account.
  • Knockout count stat in client now works when bounty = 0.
  • Changed default break interval from 60 to 6 in tournament settings.
  • Changed Start when Full default to "No" in tournament settings.

Version 6.22

  • Fixed bounty tiebreaker bug.
  • Fixed Rake/Pot bug when player vacates seat during hand.
  • All player's stats now carry over for rathole period returns.

Version 6.21

  • Fixed absent player bounty bug.
  • Added knockout count to player stats.
  • Account fields now checked for CR/LF characters.

Version 6.20

  • Bounties now awarded to relevant pot winner.
  • Added bounty/knockout info to TourneyResults file.
  • Fixed bounty credit bug for aborted/crashed tournaments.
  • Added Bty column to Tournaments grid.
  • Fixed crash file bug for house tournament account.
  • Observers can now see "Next Break" time.

Version 6.19

  • Added "Bounty" field to tournaments.
  • Eliminated ties for Knockout Callback bounty.
  • Added "Next Break" time to table stats page.
  • Fixed Net chip calculation bug in RingGameLeave callback event.
  • Fixed mobile gui bug that only rendered right half of table chat.
  • Adjusted console window constraints to prevent statusbar panel overlap.

Version 6.18

  • Fixed add/clone player debit bug in master house account.
  • Fixed negative balance sorting bug in 32-bit editions.
  • Fixed tournament start code bug in client.
  • Fixed nil node error in tournament payout structure dialog.
  • Reserved html characters now properly encoded in remote admin interface.

Version 6.17

  • Added LevelNumber and LevelSeconds fields to TournamentsStats API.
  • Added Level number and Next Blinds fields to Stats tab in player client.
  • Mouseover (and longpress) on Total Pot box now shows statistics.
  • Local IP Address setting now shows full IP list when set to "All"
  • Double Rebuy button no longer displays when Max Rebuys = 1.
  • Fixed Pro edition not holding "SSL Encryption" setting on restart.
  • Fixed small blind skipping exploit.
  • Fixed unregister ticket refund bug.
  • Fixed floating point roundoff error on displayed pot amount.
  • Negative balances now sort correctly on Accounts tab.

Version 6.16

  • Enabled SSL encryption settings for Pro version.
  • Fixed Pause function in Ring Games so that Players can still buy-in or leave.
  • Changed "Break Interval" from minutes to levels in Tournament settings.
  • Resize function no longer allows table windows to be taller than screen.
  • Fixed TableName startup parameter truncation bug.
  • Fixed Razz Bounty field bug, added Place field in tourney knockout callback.
  • Added Version and License fields to SystemStats output in API.
  • Increased cached hands to a 1000 for LogsHandHistory API.
  • Removed outdated protocols (SSL 1/2/3 and TLS 1.0) in SSL IO Handlers.

Version 6.15

  • Improved server module tamper resistance.

Version 6.14

  • Fixed bug in Fold next move checkbox on table.
  • Final table graphic will not show until after late registration ends.
  • Added email export functions to Accounts tab Export menu.
  • Removed copyright mark in Remote Admin when "Remove About Dialog" is set.

Version 6.13

  • Added mouse wheel scrolling support to player client grids and text windows.
  • Fixed starting delay bug for tourney tables created in late registration.
  • Fixed JSON parsing bug in server.

Version 6.12

  • Fixed gain/loss bug in tournament hand history summary section.
  • Added digital signature self-check to PMServer.exe file.

Version 6.11

  • Added thread count to status bar, SystemStats API, Traffic Interval log.
  • Added "Max connection whitelist" setting to Server Settings group.
  • Increased ring table "Rathole minutes" cap to 999999.
  • Added "Table closed" lines to server-side hand history files.
  • Added Currency line to tournament results file.
  • Added error trapping for WSServer.Execute/TimerThread.Execute exceptions.
  • Fixed "raises to 0" bug caused by invalid/duplicate bet packets.

Version 6.10

  • Ticket payouts now shown in tournament results log.
  • Ticketed players now have buy-in option when ticket not required.
  • TLS 1.1 and 1.2 support added to callback event connections.
  • Fixed data loading bug caused by invalid tournament start times.
  • Fixed currency symbol bug in tournament buy-in column in client.
  • Selected tournament in lobby now displays running time.

Version 6.09

  • Fixed pot split bug in Razz and Stud Hi-Lo games.
  • Increased speed of AccountsList command in API.
  • Gender field no longer case sensitive in API.

Version 6.08

  • Fixed "Registration Period" setting bug in tournaments.
  • Fixed mixed game change bug in shootout tournaments.
  • Fixed ring game "status error for button position" bug.
  • Improved rest breaks synchronization with impending level changes.

Version 6.07

  • Added ability to remove all copies of a single ticket from player accounts.
  • Registration Period = -1 prevents registrations until current tourney ends.
  • Added separate Font Family settings for each active language.
  • Fixed crash recovery bug related to late tournament registrations.

Version 6.06

  • Added menu toggle button to mobile interface.
  • Fixed daylight saving time bug in tournament start times.
  • Fixed tourney ticket grouping bug in client.
  • Fixed text overflow condition in ticket editor.
  • Fixed account tab "argument out of range" error.

Version 6.05

  • Added "Mixed hands" setting to Ring Games.
  • Fixed hand history bug that used wrong language in summary section.
  • HTTP links in Site News/FAQ now working correctly in mobile interface.
  • Added linked table of contents to API docs.

Version 6.04

  • Fixed low hand calculation bug in Omaha-5 Hi-Lo game.

Version 6.03

  • Fixed bug in Table Info/Handhistory Save function in client.

Version 6.02

  • Fixed fractional chip bug in ring game auto rebuy.
  • End Break Early checkbox now disabled for observers.

Version 6.01

  • Request Time button appearance no longer resets current bet amount.
  • Fixed Open Tables tab height when Sit&Go tab hidden.
  • Table import functions no longer fail if table graphic not found.
  • Game names now checked for leading/trailing spaces.
  • Fixed typo in remote admin login screen.

Version 6.00

  • Added 5-Card Omaha to game list.
  • Added Cap-Limit ring games for Holdem and Omaha.
  • Redesigned client lobby with larger game lists and better mobile support.
  • Added secondary currency option to Gold edition.
  • Added multiple language option to Gold edition.
  • Added remote admin accounts with rights editor to Gold edition.
  • Added fractional currency support in Lite and Pro editions.
  • Added currency symbol support.
  • Added final table graphic option for tournaments.
  • Added separate table graphics option for ring games and tournaments.
  • Added "End break early" option for tournament final tables.
  • Added synchronized tournament rest break option.
  • Added "Call Any" option to next move checkboxes.
  • Players can now configure their own quick bet buttons.
  • Players can now choose between 12-hour and 24-hour time format.
  • Added "Proportional chop" option for tournaments.
  • Added Save/Load Registrations to tournament tab "Action" menu.
  • Added second tiebreaker to prevent ties in tournament finishes.
  • Added "Maximum runs" setting to tournaments.
  • Added "Payout fractions" setting to tournament.
  • Added Note field to rings games and tourneys, seen only by admin.
  • Admin can now eject ring table players, manually or via API.
  • Admin can now edit fields in multiple tables and accounts at once.
  • Added Remote Admin button to System toolbar.
  • Added more groupings to System tab.
  • Added "Duplicate IP whitelist" setting to System tab.
  • Added Blacklist functions on Accounts tab.

Version 5.27

  • Fixed pot split bug in Razz and Stud Hi-Lo games.

Version 5.26

  • Fixed mixed game change bug in shootout tournaments.
  • Fixed daylight saving time bug for tournament start times.
  • Fixed crash recovery prizepool bug.
  • Fix ring game "status error for button position" bug.

Version 5.25

  • Fixed fractional chip bug in ring game auto rebuy.

Version 5.24

  • Duplicate tickets now displayed with a multiplier in client.
  • Site FAQ now shows correctly if Site News is blank.

Version 5.23

  • Crash recovery now refunds tournament tickets.
  • Fixed calculation bug with 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 Pot bet buttons.
  • Fixed Site Name encoding bug in client and remote admin.
  • Fixed multiple bugs in custom language feature.
  • Added IPv6 support to IP Whitelist/Blacklist functions.

Version 5.22

  • Fixed Chrome browser audio mute bug.

Version 5.21

  • Stop-On-Chop now works for freerolls with ticket payouts.
  • Fixed Set Balance = 0 bug in Remote Admin interface.
  • Fixed rest break bug in rebuy tournaments.
  • Fixed memory leaks in disconnect detection and rake routines.

Version 5.20

  • Fixed hand truncation bug in LogsHandHistory API command.

Version 5.19

  • Added Import and Export buttons for accounts and tables.
  • Added AccountsNotes to API for handling player notes.
  • Added AllowDupeEmail field to AccountsAdd command in API.
  • PWHash field now accessible via Account API commands.
  • Error Log will now report unexpected balances in House Ring and House Tourney accounts at startup.

Version 5.18

  • Long player notes now properly formatted on table mouseovers.
  • Added start and count params to TournamentResults API.
  • Fixed overflow bug in PRake calculation on large buy-in tables.
  • Player accounts can no longer be deleted when seated at a table.

Version 5.17

  • API commands for log files can now return partial files.
  • Increased callback event buffer from 500 to 10000 items.
  • Added option to save callback events to a log file and new API command (LogsCallback) to retrieve those files.
  • Added new "Index" parameter to callback events.
  • SystemStats API now reports free disk space.

Version 5.16

  • Added "Minimum name length" option to Account Settings.
  • Localhost IPs now exempted from duplicate IP restrictions.
  • Fixed bring-in/sitout bug in 7-card tournaments.
  • Fixed all-in small blind bug in tournaments.
  • Tournaments can now be started in resetting mode.
  • Improved error handing for SQLite write failures.

Version 5.15

  • Added "Reset seconds" field to tournament settings.
  • Added "+" buttons to mobile gui table for enlarging controls.

Version 5.14

  • Added "New Account" callback event.
  • Implemented a 30-second timeout for callbacks.
  • Fixed tournament selection bug in client.
  • Improved error trapping in API and remote administration.

Version 5.13

  • Enlarged lobby menu and popup dialogs in mobile GUI mode.
  • Client now loads correctly in iOS Safari private mode.
  • Fixed tournament chip sorting bug in lobby.
  • Fixed error reporting bug related to saving table settings.

Version 5.12

  • Mixed game tournament now resets correctly after initial run.
  • Last hand number now cleared from header when tournament resets.

Version 5.11

  • Fixed mixed game bugs related to blinds owed and the display of table banners, checkboxes, and dealer/command buttons.
  • Hole card animation speed now consistent across all table sizes.
  • SystemGet in API now returns all values when Property = *.

Version 5.10

  • Fixed late registration bug for tournaments started early.
  • Fixed scrolling bug in client hand history window.
  • Removed modulo bias from RNG and simplified seeding function.

Version 5.09

  • Added "Table chat" setting to Client Settings group.
  • Added "Max disconnect minutes" to Server Settings group.
  • Added "Allow duplicate tickets" to Account Settings group.
  • Added "Count" result in AccountsTicket/Query API command.
  • Added Rebuys and AddOns to TournamentsPlaying API result.
  • Fixed bug in "Lobby chat" setting.
  • Fixed hand history bug for players leaving table early.
  • Fixed divide-by-zero bug in ring games.

Version 5.08

  • Both proxy and source IP addresses now recorded in event log records when "Proxy IP header" setting used.
  • New Proxy column added to the Connections tab.
  • Improved error trapping for updates to Accounts.db file.
  • "Start Tournament" menu in client now only enabled when selected tournament has a start code.
  • Fixed bug in AccountsAdd return value in API.
  • Fixed CSS issue related to chat enter buttons in client.

Version 5.07

  • Fixed betting bug in Stud and Razz games.
  • Fixed chat send button bug for extended table chat.
  • Added Timer event to Callback event system.
  • Added seat numbers to result in RingGamesPlaying and TournamentsPlaying API calls.

Version 5.06

  • Added AccountsSearch command to API.
  • Added "Turn warning" setting to ring and tourney settings.
  • Added "Bank Sync" setting to ring and tourney settings.
  • Added send buttons to chat boxes.
  • Added error trapping/logging to SQLite database updates.

Version 5.05

  • Add Ring Chips function will now accept remaining balance if it is less than the amount requested.
  • Fixed hand helper language bug in client.
  • Fixed login menu bug in client.

Version 5.04

  • Fixed WSServerExecute error triggered from closed tourney table.
  • Table counts now displayed in Lobby menu for mobile interface.
  • Chat/Info Save function now disabled in mobile full-screen mode.

Version 5.03

  • Added "Remember preferred seat" option to client Table Settings.
  • Added Ring Game Join/Leave/Start/Stop to Callback Events.
  • Large background images now scaled down to fit screen.
  • "New Mixed Game" message now displayed on table center for 3 seconds to announce mixed game changes.
  • Double-clicking player name on client tournaments tab now opens that player's table.
  • Fixed bug in "Auto start at bootup" setting.
  • Fixed folded cards bug in Stud/Razz games.

Version 5.02

  • Fixed negative stack bug in Stud/Razz tournaments when bring-in is greater than player's stack.
  • Straddle checkbox now shows asterisk when straddle posted.
  • Blind settings now decoupled from Bet settings in ring games.
  • ERake/PRake/TFees fields now protected from account edits.
  • Fixed Chrome bug that caused fuzzy text after resizing table.
  • All-in players now show "All-in" instead of "0".
  • Updated API docs with missing ring/tourney parameters.

Version 5.01

  • Fixed Mixed table bug where Pot Limit and No Limit games were playing as Limit games.
  • Fixed table refresh bug that hid opponent cards from view.
  • Fixed several client interface bugs related to incorrect captions and font bolding.
  • Dealer chat now shows "New Stakes" instead of "New Blinds" on Limit games in tournaments.
  • RingGamesOpen & TournamentsOpen API calls now return error if player not logged in.

Version 5.00

  • Added 7-Card Stud, Stud Hi-Lo, and Razz to game options.
  • Added support for mixed games like HORSE, etc.
  • Table graphic redesigned to support new 7-card games.
  • Added player notes and color code system to client.
  • Redesigned mobile interface to maximize table size.
  • Added "Lobby" menu for mobile mode tab navigation.
  • Added ticket system for satellite tournament support.
  • Added straddle and ante options to Hold'em/Omaha ring tables.
  • Added Unicode emoji character support to chat.
  • Added Site FAQ option to client help menu.
  • Added "Summary" section to server-side hand history files.
  • Added new house accounts for improved chip accountability.
  • Added new fields to player accounts that automatically track their rake and entry fee contributions.
  • Player accounts, system, and language settings now saved in SQLite databases instead of text files and registry entries.

Version 4.51

  • Fixed Chrome browser audio mute bug.

Version 4.50

  • Fixed hand helper language bug.

Version 4.49

  • Added full-screen meta tags to client html for mobile users.
  • Fixed bug in "Table background text color" setting.

Version 4.48

  • Created new TournamentsStats API call.
  • Added "Players remaining" and "Your rank" to tourney stats tab.
  • Error message now displayed on websocket connection failure.
  • Fixed tourney bug that put button player in big blind position.

Version 4.47

  • Fixed bug in net chip calculation for ring games.
  • Fixed "index-out-of-bounds" bug in tournaments.

Version 4.46

  • Time bank and other player stats now preserved for returning players when rathole protection is enabled in ring games.
  • Registration period now properly enforced on overflow registrations of recurring tournaments.

Version 4.45

  • Fixed "Registration period" bug for tournaments.

Version 4.44

  • Fixed thread termination bug in server shutdown routine.

Version 4.43

  • Account loading time at startup is now much faster and includes a progress counter.
  • Added buffering mechanism to event log for increased disk i/o performance.
  • Replaced various system timers with a central timing thread for better stability when system resources are low.
  • Added a Message button to System toolbar for sending a lobby chat message.
  • Added SessionID to parameters in Login Callback Event.
  • When "Show Net Chips" is off, that column is removed from the Ring tab in client.
  • A "Rebuy Cost" of 0 is now allowed in tournament settings.

Version 4.42

  • Added "Calc total" and "Log balance" commands in Remote Admin.
  • Added new SystemBalance command to API.
  • Client windows auto scaled down if larger than browser window.
  • Fixed player count bug in tournament table rebalancing.

Version 4.41

  • Added "Registration Period" to tournament settings.
  • Added "RegOpens" to tournament timer callback event.
  • Added "*" wildcard feature to three API message commands: ConnectionsMessage, RingGamesMessage, and TournamentsMessage.
  • Rake line now included in hand history even when rake is off.
  • Reduced stack allocation to reduce thread memory load.
  • Increased memory access for 32-bit editions running on Win-64.
  • Fixed royal flush bug in hand helper function.

Version 4.40

  • Added "Bet buttons" option to Client Settings.
  • Added "Client gradients" option to Client Settings.
  • Added "Client button radius" option to Client Settings.
  • Added optional "Players" field to AccountsList API command.
  • Improved event log recording of connection denials.
  • Player names now filtered for reserved Windows file names.
  • Added missing "FilterShootout" item to Language tab.
  • Player Search field now filtered for XSS.

Version 4.39

  • Added "Arrange windows" feature to lobby options menu.
  • "Tournament is on break" banner now displayed at rest breaks.
  • Fixed editor bug in Account settings for Avatar File field.

Version 4.38

  • Added negative option to permissions feature.
  • Added "Tournament timer event" to Callback Settings group.
  • Added "Auto append port" setting to Site Information group.
  • Added "Highlight winning hand" setting to Client Settings group.
  • Added "Permissions menu" option to Client Settings group.
  • Added "Away" field to RingGamesPlaying / TournamentsPlaying API.
  • Hand helper info now encrypted before sending to client.
  • Fixed bug in "Internet IP address" setting.
  • Fixed bug in "Away" time displayed in mouseover text.
  • Changed default value of Rebuy Threadhold chips to 1500.

Version 4.37

  • Players can now switch between Desktop and Mobile interface without logging out of client.
  • Added GUIMode (desktop|mobile|auto) startup parameter.
  • Added Negative (Allow|Skip) parameter to TournamentsRegister command in the API.
  • Fixed bug in net chips display related to rathole feature.
  • Packet columns on Connections tab now sort correctly.
  • Fixed html escape bug in client Location column.

Version 4.36

  • Added "Show on fold" checkbox option to client.
  • Changed tourney "No-show levels" setting to "No-show minutes".
  • Added packet in/out columns on server Connections tab.
  • Fixed "Next Move" checkbox bug in client.
  • Fixed line height bug in table chat box.
  • Table names in client now properly escaped for XSS exploits.

Version 4.35

  • Added "Rebuy cost" field for tournaments.
  • Ring and tournament names now up to 40 characters max.
  • Version number now hidden when About dialog is disabled.
  • Set chat line height limit to prevent vertical overflow from unicode combining characters.
  • Edit box for date field no longer read-only in Windows console.
  • Stopped client from sending unnecessary "GameSelected" packets after list updates.

Version 4.34

  • Fixed small blind bug related to late registration.
  • Fixed crash recovery omission for late registration players.
  • Set UTF-8 response header for all files returned by server.

Version 4.33

  • Fixed security exploit in client reconnect routine.
  • Added memory overflow protection to websocket connections.
  • Fixed Websocket error message for older IE versions.
  • Added "Same-origin policy" setting to Server Settings group.
  • Moved "Suspend chat all-in" to individual tournament settings.
  • Added "Suspend chat all-in" setting to ring tables.
  • Added "Site news show" setting to Site Information group.

Version 4.32

  • Added "Background logo tile" option to Client Settings.
  • Improved table balancing routine for tournaments.
  • Popup notice now displayed for add-on period in tournaments.
  • Added brackets around extended chat window timestamps.
  • Fixed Register button freeze-up bug.
  • Fixed "Real Name" bug in tournament mouseovers.
  • Updated JQuery library to version 2.1.1.

Version 4.31

  • Security fix now blocks multiple sessions per connection.
  • Fixed lockup when taking multiple ring tables offline.
  • Fixed access violation when starting second copy of server.
  • Default table names now have two digits (e.g., Ring Game #01).

Version 4.30

  • Away time for sitters now displayed in their mouseover tooltip.
  • Fixed password prompt bug for tournament unregister function.
  • Fixed Ready button bug in heads-up shootout for odd man out.
  • Fixed seat reserve/disconnect bug when "Sitout Relaxed" enabled.
  • Late Registration players are no longer vulnerable for no-show removal.

Version 4.29

  • Modified Tourney Result file format to show rebuy count and add-on for each player.
  • Modified Rake line in hand history format to show pre-raked pot size and pot contributions per player.
  • Fixed update count issues in client after late registrations.
  • Fixed timer rollover bug affecting chat flood control and tournament blind changes.
  • Fixed spurious login beeps in client.

Version 4.28

  • Added Shootout option for tournaments.
  • Added client-side options to show local timestamp in extended lobby and table chat.
  • Tournament stats now displayed for observers.
  • Fixed ante side pot bug in heads up play.
  • Fixed hand history bug that displayed antes before header.

Version 4.27

  • Fixed "Sit and Go tab" bug.

Version 4.26

  • Added "Sit and Go tab" option to Client Settings.
  • Added Permissions button to server Accounts tab.
  • Rank column in client and tournament result files now adjusted correctly for late registrations and no-show removals.
  • Aborted tournaments now show refunded chip counts in table chat.
  • Fixed JSON format bug in API for RingGamesPlaying and TournamentsPlaying.
  • Fixed auto scrolling bug in chat when browser zoomed.
  • Fixed tournament knockout callback bug for absent players.
  • Fixed duplicate muck prompt bug.

Version 4.25

  • Implemented new permissions system for restricting table and chat access to specific players with new account, ring game, tournament, lobby, and API settings.
  • Fixed ring game add/clone bug that prevented table opening.
  • Fixed table graphics rendering bug in client.
  • Fixed TournamentsMessage recording bug in API.
  • Fixed error message format bug in API.

Version 4.24

  • Fixed audio bug introduced in Google Chrome 36.
  • Accounts created from client now correctly default to Yes for "Chips transfer" and "Chips accept" settings.

Version 4.23

  • Added late registration option for tournaments.
  • Added "Late" parameter to tournament register callback and tournament results file.
  • Added "Chips transfer" and "Chips accept" fields to Accounts.
  • Added "Sitout relaxed" option to ring games.
  • Fixed fractional rake input bug in Windows console.

Version 4.22

  • Added "Add-on chips" option for rebuy tournaments.
  • Added new callback event for tournament knockouts.
  • Moved "Rathole minutes" and "Sitout minutes" to local ring game settings.
  • Changed account editor to scrollable list control.
  • Added Clone button to Accounts tab.
  • Added "Show real names" to Client Settings.
  • Added "Logout link" to Client Settings (Gold version only).
  • Fixed callback bug in tournament unregister event.

Version 4.21

  • Ring game and tournament editors changed to scrolling lists.
  • Added "Rebuy Threshold" option to tournament settings.
  • Added "Time Bank Reset" option to ring and tournament settings.
  • Changed "Remove No-Shows" to "No-Show Levels" in tournaments.
  • Added "Disconnect protection" to ring game and tournament settings.
  • Moved "Unregister at logout" to local tournament setting.
  • Added callback events for tournament register and unregister.
  • Added "Pause (after hand)" command to admin console.
  • Added "Now" API parameter for RingGamesPause and TournamentsPause.
  • Added "LocalTime" and "UTCTime" to SystemStats call in API.
  • Added "RebuyFee" parameter to tournament results file.
  • Fixed 64-bit memory leak related to tournament start time.
  • Fixed unregister bug related to Start Now checkbox.
  • Fixed HTML encoding bug with Site Name display in client.

Version 4.20

  • Added JSON option to API calls.
  • Title field now displays correctly in table chat.
  • Fixed sitout timer bug.
  • Added "Rebuys:" to Statistics group on Language tab.
  • AccountAdd in API now sets correct default value for Chat field.

Version 4.19

  • Rake now configurable by player count.
  • Added "Max rebuys" and "Rebuy fee" options for tournaments.
  • Added "Proxy IP header" and "Proxy WSS" to Server Settings.
  • Updated multiple language strings.

Version 4.18

  • Added "Tournament start seconds" setting to Client Settings.
  • Added calendar popup for selecting tournament start times.
  • Fixed player removal bug in ring games.
  • Fixed rounding bug in fractional chip betting.

Version 4.17

  • Added "Strict limit cap" option for fixed limit games.
  • Fixed fractional chip bug in rake and entry fee accounts.
  • Fixed table closing bug when player logs out.
  • Fixed player sitout bug that did not clear wait/ready buttons.
  • Seat configuration changes now updated correctly in client.
  • Warning now displayed when putting tournaments online that have expired start times.
  • Tournament no-show status fortified in case of packet loss.

Version 4.16

  • Added ring and tournament cloning functions in server console.
  • Fixed tournament "range check" bug in 64-bit Gold version.

Version 4.15

  • Added font settings to Client Settings group.
  • Game listings in client now appear in bold font where player is currently sitting or in waiting list.
  • Added wildcard character support to IP blacklist/whitelists.
  • Added option to restrict player names to ASCII characters and fixed a bug that would not recognize dashes and underscores.
  • Fixed "Wait for BB" bug that crashed ring games in 4.14. This button now only appears when a blind is owed.
  • Fixed tournament bug related to a sitter being all-in.
  • Fixed memory leak in callback event thread.
  • Fixed tournament bug that improperly handled a 0.00 payout.
  • Fixed Javascript parameter encoding bug.

Version 4.14

  • "Wait for BB" button added to ring games.
  • "Clear Log" buttons added to Logs tab in server console.
  • Fixed a memory leak related to disconnects.
  • Fixed security issues related to startup parameters and offline tournaments.
  • Corrected outdated info in the "Site news" section of help file.

Version 4.13

  • Added SSL support and reset feature to Callback Events.
  • Remote Admin and API paths are now user configurable.
  • Admin/API triggered tournament registration no longer causes a popup message in client.
  • Fixed button stealing exploit in ring games.
  • Fixed seat rotate bug.
  • Fixed scrollbar bug.
  • Improved table exit procedure.

Version 4.12

  • Fixed memory leak.

Version 4.11

  • Added Player parameter to SystemLobbyMessage API call.
  • Fixed bug in password prompt for private ring tables.
  • Fixed bug in table chat feature.

Version 4.10

  • Compiler upgraded from Delphi 2009 to Delphi XE5.
  • Added 64-bit Gold version.
  • Added "Stop on chop" option to tournament settings.
  • Fixed tournament payout structure bug.
  • Fixed Omaha Hi-Lo tournament bug.
  • Fixed chat auto-scroll bug in client.
  • Save chat feature now properly escapes html tags in client.

Version 4.09

  • Added position # column to waiting lists.
  • Confirmation now shown when player registers for a tournament.
  • Added K/M/B suffix option to chip transfer function.
  • Bandwidth stats now logged with new "Traffic interval" setting.
  • Server must now be taken offline before window can be closed.
  • Fixed ring game bug where small blind would not get posted when a new session started with more than two players.

Version 4.08

  • Added "Rotate Here" function triggered by seat click.
  • Grid sorting in client is no longer case sensitive.
  • Fixed bring-to-front bug that occurred when leaving a table while action pending.
  • Account edit function no longer changes player balance unless that field was actually changed.
  • Removed spurious KillIdleHTTP error messages.
  • Corrected avatar retrieval info in API section of help file.

Version 4.07

  • Fixed name comparison bug in blacklist function.
  • Removed table error log entries introduced in 4.05.
  • Fixed sitout warning bug in table leave menu.
  • Fixed bring-to-front bug in lobby window.
  • Made cosmetic change to tab selection feature.

Version 4.06

  • Fixed rotation bug where chips did not rotate with seat.

Version 4.05

  • Added "Rotate seats" option to table menu.
  • Added "Smallest chip" option to ring game settings.
  • Added new API commands: RingGamesOpen and TournamentsOpen.
  • Added K/M/B suffix option to manual betting in client.
  • Added cache busting parameters to file links in HTML file.
  • Fixed duplicate login entry bug in client.
  • Fixed a bug in Refresh Table command.

Version 4.04

  • Added "Bad password max" to the Server Settings group and a corresponding "Bad password max message" Language setting.
  • Added "Lobby Chat Regex" setting to callback events.
  • Net Chip count now remembered during "rathole" period.
  • Fixed "Connection reset by peer" errors in callback events.
  • Fixed hole card flip-up bug for Chrome browsers.

Version 4.03

  • Renamed "Max connections" to "Max sessions" in server settings.
  • Added four new server settings that limit raw connections to the file and packet ports.
  • Source parameter in the "Balance" callback event now indicates the name of sender/recipient for chip transfers.
  • Table description field now wraps correctly in client.
  • Fixed connection sweep bugs.

Version 4.02

  • Added disconnect protection.
  • Added lobby chat callback event.
  • Fixed ring game dead blind bug.

Version 4.01

  • Fixed hand history bugs in client.
  • Fixed chat scroll bug in client.
  • Fixed a bring-window-to-front bug in client.
  • Fixed community card flip bug.
  • "Option button" changed to "Menu button" on Language tab.
  • Eliminated duplicate error messages in Callback Event system.
  • Added pointer corruption checks in server.

Version 4.00

  • Player client converted from Flash to HTML5/Javascript, now compatible with latest versions of all major browsers including iOS and Android tablets, with desktop and mobile GUI options.
  • Added ring game and tournament filter option.
  • Improved chat block feature.
  • Added chat flood prevention option.
  • Added SSL encryption option (Gold edition).
  • Entire card deck, dealer button, and chip graphics can now be customized (Pro/Gold editions).
  • Color theming now available in Trial and Lite versions.
  • Thread load reduced for improved server performance.

Version 3.30

  • Fixed floating point bug in rake and entry fee accounts.
  • Fixed case sensitivity bug in blacklist function.

Version 3.29

  • Fixed security issues related to offline tournaments and startup parameters.
  • Fixed conflict with vertical bar character in account fields.

Version 3.28

  • Fixed memory/thread leak.
  • Fixed dealer button exploit.

Version 3.27

  • Fixed memory leak.

Version 3.26

  • Fixed Omaha Hi-Lo tournament bug.

Version 3.25

  • Fixed a bug in tournament payout structure.

Version 3.24

  • Fixed connection termination bug.
  • Improved error handling with dropped connections.

Version 3.23

  • Private tournaments now require password to unregister.
  • Improved error trapping in connection sweep function.

Version 3.22

  • Fixed cache issue that did not show changes to custom avatars.
  • Fixed dead small blind all-in bug that did not allow player to compete for main pot.

Version 3.21

  • Improved connection termination function.
  • Fixed translation bug for "Password button" and "Validation Code button" in Login Dialog group on Language tab.

Version 3.20

  • Added new "KeepAlive connections" setting.
  • Added new "Connection sweep minutes" setting.
  • Fixed bug in "Max idle minutes" setting.
  • Fixed crash recovery bug that occurred with fractional chips.
  • Fixed password cache bug for private multi-table tournaments.

Version 3.19

  • Turned off the "keep alive" feature of the http port, which was preventing connection threads from terminating properly.
  • Fixed a security issue in the password recovery feature.
  • Fixed a bug that caused invalid packets to be sent to new connections prior to login.
  • Fixed a bug in several API commands that could break the sequence numbering of the results.

Version 3.18

  • Fixed fractional chip bug in API commands: RingGamesAdd, RingGamesEdit, TournamentsAdd, TournamentsEdit.
  • Fixed fractional chip stacking bug in client.

Version 3.17

  • Open tables now auto-refreshed after a reconnect.
  • Fixed unchecking bug with tournament "Start Now" box in client.
  • Fixed bug that sent extra "TableMessage" packets to client.

Version 3.16

  • Tournament entry fees now refunded in crash recovery feature.
  • Fixed minimum raise bug.
  • Improved handling of socket thread errors.

Version 3.15

  • Added a "Hand" callback event, triggered at the completion of every hand played.
  • The history of last 100 hands are now cached and individually retrievable via the LogsHandHistory API command.
  • Added "Removed" and "Rebuys" fields to tourney results file and the NetBonus field now correctly accounts for rebuys.
  • Fixed a Login/Logout thread collision issue.

Version 3.14

  • Expanded "Real Name" field from 25 to 50 characters max.
  • Fixed custom avatar bug for players with unicode characters in their name.
  • Fixed a ring game exploit when the "out next blind" option was used in heads up play.
  • Fixed a bug in the remote admin interface so that taking a tournament offline now unregisters players in waiting list.
  • Fixed a tournament bug where the running time displayed in the client was incorrect during the first hand.
  • Improved program stability by serializing client packets and separating tournament start code into its own timer thread.

Version 3.13

  • Added "Tournament cancel event" option to Callback feature.
  • Added NetBonus line to tournament result files.
  • Fixed freeze-up bug caused when multiple tables opened at once.
  • Improved stability of disconnect detection routine in server.

Version 3.12

  • Fixed duplicate IP check bug for ring table waiting list.
  • Fixed fractional chip buy-in bug on ring tables.
  • Fixed tournament "Multiply Bonus" bug in Remote Admin GUI.
  • Improved incoming packet handling in server to prevent duplicate commands from malfunctioning clients.
  • Improved Bet/Raise range checking at the server end.
  • Default setting for "Unregister at logout" changed to "No".
  • Client now makes beep sound when a disconnect is detected.
  • Session IDs now recorded in event log on disconnects/logouts.

Version 3.11

  • Added new "API log exemptions" setting to Log Settings group to keep selected API calls from being recorded in event log.
  • Fixed ring table bug which did not show the correct chip count in the lobby window when a player performed a rebuy while sitting alone.
  • Client now loads correctly on systems with no sound card.
  • Improved reliability of reconnect feature.
  • Improved program stability when connections drop.

Version 3.10

  • Fixed bug in side pot collection routine.

Version 3.09

  • "Bring active table to front" feature now works in a queue.
  • Command line parameters now scrubbed of closing script tags to prevent javascript injection attacks.
  • ValCode parameter added to AccountsAdd function in the API.
  • A check is now made so that blinds cannot be set to zero in tournaments.
  • Fixed "dead" small blind posting bug in ring games.
  • Time warning no longer moves cursor focus on table window.

Version 3.08

  • Fixed column header bug in lobby window.
  • Added RegChips field to AccountsGet/AccountsList API commands.
  • Setup program now warns if previous version still running.

Version 3.07

  • Added guaranteed minimum prize pool feature for tournaments via new "Min" option in Multiply Bonus setting.
  • Tournament start times are now sortable in lobby window via restructured grid display.
  • Column sorting in lobby window is now remembered between sessions.
  • AutoMuck and Hand Helper options are now on by default for new players.
  • Fixed Remote Admin bug that would immediately expire the session if Windows had been running more than 25 days without a reboot.
  • Fixed bug in Remove No-Show feature that could leave 1 active player stranded.

Version 3.06

  • Added new "Min Players" option to tournament settings.
  • Double rebuy option added to rebuy tournaments.
  • Dealer button now moves at the start of new ring game sessions to prevent an exploit in two-player games.

Version 3.05

  • Added new "Duplicate IPs" option to ring game settings.
  • Fixed numerous frozen client bugs caused by table windows being placed over modal dialogs.

Version 3.04

  • Added new TableDelimiter parameter to allow multiple table openings on startup.
  • Ring game buy-in minimum now strictly enforced on rebuys.
  • Fixed Refresh Table bug that would redisplay folded cards.
  • Fixed floating point overflow bug in ring game rebuy function.

Version 3.03

  • Fixed game list in lobby window so that a crashed table no longer truncates the list of other tables.
  • Fixed bug in player client where changing the card deck colors would cause opponents hole cards to disappear.
  • Fixed a floating point bug in the player client that would cause the betting slider bar to disappear or malfunction.
  • Fixed a round-off error in the server that caused some bets to be 0.01 less than selected.

Version 3.02

  • +R now shows correctly in lobby window for rebuy tournaments.
  • Terminating connections (manually and via the API) now obey the "Unregister at logout" setting.
  • Table commands are now queued in the player client so they do not interrupt card animation still in progress.

Version 3.01

  • Fixed API bug where AccountsGet and AccountsList commands would return 0 for RingChips when it was a floating point value.
  • Tournament Info function in the client will now truncate payout schedule to only show possible finish positions.

Version 3.00

  • Added Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo games.
  • API, Remote Admin, and player passwords are now encrypted on the server with one-way hashes.
  • The Remote Admin interface now has a Logout button, improved compatibility with Internet Explorer, improved security with session keys, and a corresponding "Administration timeout" option added to the Server Settings group.
  • Max buy-in increased to 1 billion chips for ring games and tournaments.
  • Added 5M, 25M, 100M, 500M, and 1B chips, representing denominations up to 1 billion.
  • Buy-ins abbreviated with K/M/B suffixes in lobby window when applicable.
  • Added "Number format" menu option in client Lobby for choosing commas or periods as separators and decimal marks.
  • Added "Refresh table" menu option in client table windows.
  • Added SystemLobbyMessage command to API to remotely add Administrator comments to lobby chat.
  • Added AccountsPassword command to API for verifying a player password.
  • Added "Show net chips" option to Client Settings group for turning off the display of chips won or lost in ring games.
  • Password recovery feature changed to a password reset feature using validation codes.
  • Cards and corresponding cardback graphic reduced to 46x64 pixels in size to fit four hole cards used by Omaha.
  • Directory Key setting replaced with License Key setting in Site Information group.
  • Player client upgraded from Flash 8 to Flash 10.
  • Added "Background logo" and "Background logo link" options to Client Settings group (Gold version only).
  • Added "Remove About dialog" option to Client Settings group (Gold version only).
  • Added "Use fractional chips" option to Server Settings group so that buy-ins, rake and ring blinds can use 0.01 chip increments (Gold version only).

Version 2.96

  • Fixed tournament bug where the rebuy period would expire before all tables had a chance to finish their hand in final rebuy level.
  • Timing of tournament levels are no longer affected by changes to the server's clock.
  • Fixed bug that allowed tables to be opened over a dialog prompt.
  • Fixed bug where a player who changed seats at a ring table would still see his previous hole cards.
  • Fixed ring game bug that allowed players to add chips before initial buy-in process was completed.
  • Integrity check now performed on account files at startup.

Version 2.95

  • Fixed multi-table tournament bug that caused server lockups.

Version 2.94

  • Improved disk performance for event and hand history logs.
  • Added Player Chat (yes/no) option to game settings.
  • Added Head section HTML option to Ad Settings.
  • Added ID attributes to all DIVs in HTML wrapper.
  • Removed pixel size limits in Ad Settings.

Version 2.93

  • Fixed Data Folder bug in 2.92 that caused site data to disappear.
  • Duplicate email address setting now correctly enforced during account changes and valcode mailings.

Version 2.92

  • Fixed a memory corruption bug caused by player disconnects.
  • Added "Auto check hands" option to Client Settings so that a non-response will be treated as a check when no bet is present.
  • Hands played across midnight are no longer split across two hand history files.

Version 2.91

  • Fixed ring game buy-in error that occurred for accounts with balances over 2.147 billion chips.
  • Added "RTL Language" checkbox to language edit & search dialogs for right-to-left language input.

Version 2.90

  • Fixed a critical security bug in the Ad Folder setting.

Version 2.89

  • Fixed Unicode bug in Remote Admin and API results.

Version 2.88

  • Fixed thread sync bug in tournament no-show removal feature.
  • Updated third-party socket components.

Version 2.87

  • Fixed tournament bug that caused hole cards to not appear when reopening the table window.
  • Fixed tournament bug that moved a player to an empty table.
  • The recipient of a chip transfer from another player now gets a popup notification message. A corresponding "Transfer received message" setting was added to the Language tab.
  • The Callback event function will now make up to 3 attempts to connect to the specified URL before giving up.

Version 2.86

  • Fixed a ring game bug that prevented chips from being scooped to the pot when a folded player left the table.
  • Fixed a ring game bug that locked an empty seat.
  • Players are now automatically unregistered from tournaments when their account is deleted.
  • Corrected errors in the help file related to the Blacklist API commands.
  • The event log will now record when a player account is deleted.

Version 2.85

  • Fixed tournament bug where betting action was incorrectly extended when a new player arrived from another table.
  • Fixed tournament bug that showed cards being dealt to players that were just moved from another table.
  • Fixed login bug for account passwords that contained non-ASCII Unicode characters.

Version 2.84

  • Added "Balance event" option to Callback feature.
  • Fixed bug so that Site News dialog does not appear underneath table windows.
  • Fixed tournament bug that sometimes required two clicks to remove Ready button.
  • Fixed headers in SMTP feature so that outgoing emails are correctly identified as being UTF-8 encoded.

Version 2.83

  • Fixed (another) ring game "Net" column bug.

Version 2.82

  • Fixed ring game "Net" column bug.

Version 2.81

  • Logout confirmation now displayed if player tries to logout while still seated or in waiting lists.
  • Current balance now displayed on ring game buy-in dialog.
  • Confirmation message with current balance now displayed when a player registers for a tournament.
  • Fixed balance credit error when closing a ring table while players have auto rebuy turned on.
  • Missing rake fields now included in RingGamesGet and RingGamesList API calls.
  • Fixed language setting bug regarding tourney table captions.
  • Added new strings to Buy-In Dialog group on Language tab: Tourney Message, Total Buy-in, Current Balance.
  • Changed default text for "Confirm Logout Message" in Misc Messages group on Language tab.

Version 2.80

  • Added an optional "Player profile URL" property to the Client Settings group. This is called from the client when a player name or avatar is double clicked in the client.
  • Added "Tournament start" to callback event list.
  • Added "Save lobby chat" and "Max lobby chat days" option to Log Settings.
  • Added LogsLobbyChat command to API.
  • Time remaining in a tournament level is now displayed in the player's Stats tab.
  • Added two items to Language tab: "Rebuy minimum message" in Add Chips Dialog group and "Next level" in Statistics group
  • Fixed memory corruption bug caused by disconnected players.

Version 2.78

  • Added "Ring game error" and "Tournament error" to Callback Events.
  • Fixed bug where error logs were ignoring the Data Folder setting.
  • Fixed bug in client where chat scrolled 1 line past list bottom.

Version 2.77

  • Fixed thread-safety bug when serving media files to client.

Version 2.76

  • All media files now queued in memory to improve performance.
  • Tournament leaderboard and waiting list packets now queued to improve server performance.
  • Chat buffer reduced to 100 lines to improve flash client performance.
  • Fixed packet encoding bug that removed plus signs in chat.
  • Fixed bug that caused folded cards to reappear.
  • Fixed memory leaks in flash client.
  • Fixed bug in custom avatars that did not load for player names that contain Unicode characters.
  • Added a packet viewer function to right-click flash menu.

Version 2.75

  • Added new Callback Events group on System tab that allows for external notifications on logins, logouts, and tournament completions.
  • Add SystemReboot command to API that allows you to reboot the computer from a remote location.
  • Modified the Call, Bet, Raise to, and Request Time settings in the Table Buttons group on the Language tab to allow for custom number placement using a %1% variable.

Version 2.72

  • Added new "Flash Error" and "Site Password Form" groups to Language tab.
  • Fixed erroneous "Click your cards" messages that appeared whenever another player joined or left a ring game table.
  • Fixed text color bug for Balance/Search/Chat buttons in lobby.

Version 2.71

  • Fixed bug in "Connection message" field on Language tab so that port number now displays correctly in client module.
  • Fixed bug in date fields in server console that displayed incorrectly in some countries.

Version 2.70

  • Windows server console is now Unicode compatible and requires Windows 2000 or later (support for Windows 98/ME dropped).
  • Added Language tab to server console for customizing all captions and messages that appear in the flash client with another language or alternate wording.
  • Added "Use custom language", "Use custom client hh" and "Use custom server hh" properties to the Client Settings group on the System tab for enabling language settings.
  • New Description field added to Ring Games and Tournaments for displaying customized text in the game's information window.
  • Fixed bug where local time 12 am would display as 00 am.
  • Failed login attempts for the Remote Admin and API are now recorded in the Error Log.

Version 2.65

  • Fixed a critical security bug in the remote administration interface.
  • Fixed a no-show removal bug for 2-seat-per-table tournaments.

Version 2.64

  • Players now get a beep sound when their tournament starts.
  • Fixed bug where tables were not properly rebalanced after no-show removals in a multi-table tourney.
  • Fixed bug that excluded "Max sitout" and "Rathole wait" fields from ring game info window.
  • Fixed bug where tournament start date was not being saved.
  • Fixed hand helper bug caused by card animation lag.

Version 2.63

  • Added "Showdown seconds" option to Client Settings for specifying the pause time on a showdown hand.
  • Added "Player" parameter to \avatar command for retrieving avatars by player name.
  • Added a new automated login method using a SessionKey parameter that serves as a one-use-only password.
  • Added AccountsSessionKey command to API for generating random session keys.
  • Added "Require session keys" option to Server Settings to prevent players from bypassing a site's automated login system.
  • Fixed bug in chat text color.
  • Fixed missing bet buttons bug in ring games.
  • Unchecking the "Bring active table to front" option now prevents the keyboard focus from moving also.
  • "Negative" parameter in AccountsDecBalance API command is now optional again as it was before version 2.50.
  • Fixed tourney payout bug when percentages did not total 100.

Version 2.62

  • Fixed a heads-up blind posting bug in ring games.
  • Custom field now displays correctly on tournament tables.

Version 2.61

  • Fixed Tournament Info bug in lobby window.
  • Fixed color scheme bug in table selection drop list.

Version 2.60

  • Added "Allow lurkers" option to Client Settings.
  • Added a "Private" field for tournaments and ring games for allowing observers to view passworded tables.
  • Added "Observer chat" field for ring games and tournaments for banning chat from non-seated players.
  • Added a "Custom" field to the player accounts.
  • Added "Custom field caption", "Custom field description", "Custom field edit", "Custom field mouseover" options to Account Settings.
  • Added auto rebuy option for ring games.
  • Implemented an automatic "Waiting for big blind" mode for ring game players.
  • Added a "Multiply bonus" option for tournaments.
  • Added custom sound effects options to Client Settings.
  • Added Table and Tournament Info buttons in client lobby window.
  • Added "Bring active table to front" option to client lobby menu.
  • Added "Font size" option to client lobby menu.
  • Added API and Remote Admin options for Trial and Lite versions.
  • Client module now displays times in 12-hour am/pm format.
  • Client module is now pinged every minute to prevent premature disconnects.
  • Fixed bug where a tournament would hang if "Remove no-shows" option removed all players.
  • Fixed bug in "Suspend chat during all-in" option.
  • Hand helper text now hidden when hole cards are face down.
  • Server now prevents reserved characters in table names that cause listing errors.

Version 2.51

  • Added "Remove no-shows" setting to tournaments for automatically removing absent players at the end of the first level.
  • Eliminated client/server version mismatch errors by including a Version parameter in the HTML wrapper.
  • Fixed custom graphics updating issues by including a CRC parameter on graphics references.
  • Improved performance of Accounts page in Remote Admin interface by adding search and paging navigation features.
  • The server's "\avatar" link (used for API functions) now serves custom avatars when specified.
  • Updated API Examples page with new NewAcct.php file that can now display avatars in SWF format.
  • Added "RingChips" parameter to AccountsGet and AccountsList API commands for showing a player's chips in play.

Version 2.50

  • Added rebuy option to tournaments.
  • Added no-show player removal function to tournaments (API and leaderboard view dialog).
  • Added manual tournament register function to Chips menu on the Accounts tab.
  • Added "Suspend chat during all-in" option for tournaments under Client Settings.
  • Largest/Average/Smallest stacks now displayed in player's stat panel during tournaments.
  • Players are now seated in "Sitting Out" mode when starting a tournament.
  • TournamentsPlaying API now returns the tournament number.
  • Poker Mavens markings not shown in remote admin interface until after login.
  • Fixed bug in multi-table tournaments where a moved player could be credited with an extra pot.
  • Cards folded face down can now be flipped back up in the client.

Version 2.47

  • Added import/export commands to server help menu for saving system settings to an XML file.
  • Added sound volume option to client lobby menu.
  • Chat setting in player accounts changed from a Yes/No value to a date, indicating resumption of suspended chat privileges.
  • Players can now flip their hole cards face up/down by clicking on them.
  • "Deal cards face down" option added to table options menu in client.
  • Fixed a chat text color bug.
  • Fixed a bug in the remote administration interface that didn't allow selection of avatar 0.
  • Fixed a bug in the client where the next move call box didn't work for amounts over 999 chips.

Version 2.46

  • Fixed card resource error that displayed "2 of clubs" for most cards on some systems.

Version 2.45

  • Added an "Avatar file" account setting to assign a custom avatar to an individual player (Pro/Gold).
  • Added an "Avatar folder" system setting to specify a custom communal avatar set (Pro/Gold).
  • Added a "Card back graphic" system setting to specify a custom image for the back of the playing cards (Pro/Gold).
  • Added separate log settings (Log file events, Log resource events) for recording outgoing files to the client.
  • Chat text is now displayed in two colors to prevent impersonation exploit.
  • Registrations are no longer allowed on closing tournaments.
  • Fixed table count bug in client.
  • Fixed fractional chip betting bug in client.

Version 2.40

  • Client window and chat colors can now be customized (Pro/Gold).
  • Custom chat colors can now be assigned to individual players (Pro/Gold).
  • Restructured table graphics so that background, table, and logo are now a single image (Pro/Gold).
  • Chat box frame and table seat graphics can now be customized (Pro/Gold).
  • Added a "Prize bonus" field to tournament settings for adding house chips to prize pool.
  • Ring game and tourney lists are now sortable in client lobby window.
  • Blacklisted IPs are now checked prior to login attempt.
  • A deck line now appears in server-side hand history files that shows all cards dealt.
  • Added an "In" column to Accounts tab to show if player is currently logged in. These records are also displayed in red.
  • Added Title and Level fields to account settings to be displayed in mouseover hint.
  • Added Search function to Connections tab to show where a player is seated or waiting.
  • Added incremental keyboard search to System, Ring Games, Tournaments, Connections, and Accounts tab in server console.
  • Player search feature in client is no longer case sensitive.
  • Added a "Show player title in chat" option to Client Settings.
  • Renamed "Table Settings" to "Client Settings" in server System tab.
  • Fixed bug where avatar mouseover hint was not wrapping correctly.
  • Fixed bug where long player names overflowed name plate graphic.

Version 2.38

  • Fixed a bug in the tournament blinds editor.

Version 2.37

  • Fixed a critical security bug in the remote administration interface.

Version 2.36

  • Fixed bug when creating new accounts via remote admin interface.
  • Fixed bug where reconnecting players could not see their hole cards.
  • Tournament start time now checked for format errors.

Version 2.35

  • Added new API commands: TournamentsRegister, LogsError, LogsEvent, and LogsHandHistory.
  • TournamentsResults API command modified to return list of files when no parameters are specified.
  • Added "Administration whitelist" and "API whitelist" options to Server Settings to restrict remote access to specific IP addresses.
  • Added new command line parameters (TableName, TableType, TablePassword) for flash client to auto open a table on login.
  • Added player search button and menu to flash client.
  • Added extended chat window option ("Chat+" button) for lobby chat.
  • Lobby chat can now be disabled with new "Lobby chat" setting in Site Information.
  • Password recovery can now be disabled with new "Allow password recovery" setting in Account Settings.
  • All disabled client options are now hidden in flash client.

Version 2.33

  • Server can now bind to multiple local IP addresses.
  • System settings editor can now be resized.
  • Fixed rake field bugs in API and remote administration.

Version 2.32

  • Fixed indexing bug when renaming tables.
  • Fixed "Add to Blacklist" bug in server console.
  • Fixed disconnect bug that filled error log with multiple entries.
  • Fixed a memory leak in server console list controls.
  • Reconnects now display in event log.
  • Added missing rake and entry fee fields to API section of help.

Version 2.31

  • Increased max ring game buy-in from 10,000 to 1,000,000 chips.
  • Increased max tournament starting chips from 10,000 to 25,000.
  • Clicking "Sel" header in Remote Administration interface will now check all boxes.
  • Fixed bug in Leave Table button for tournaments.
  • Bold text no longer used in chat boxes to improve performance.

Version 2.30

  • Reduced outbound server traffic by only sending changes to the Logins, Ring Games, and Tournaments lists.
  • Replaced all standard listview controls in server console with faster third-party controls.
  • Reduced memory footprint for connection threads.
  • Added pause controls to Logs page in server console.
  • "Loading data" message now displayed at server startup.
  • The "Your waiting list position is #" message on tourney table is now updated when a change occurs.
  • When an all-in bet is not called, the overbet is now returned immediately to the player's stack rather than going to the pot first.

Version 2.26

  • Fixed Max Idle Minutes bug that logged players out too soon.
  • Fixed rathole bug in ring games that let players back in after transferring chips.
  • Default "Login sounds" setting now off for new users.

Version 2.25

  • Trial and Lite versions can now run a ring table and a single-table tournament simultaneously.
  • Rake Accounts dialog in system console (Chips menu on Accounts tab) now has Inc, Dec, Set, and Log buttons.
  • Added new Log Rake Accounts setting for recording all rake and entry fee transactions.
  • Added Last Action column to Connections tab (and corresponding API commands) that shows the time a packet was last received from each player.
  • Added new Max Idle Minutes setting for terminating idle connections.
  • Added new SystemStats API command for retrieving Logins, FilledSeats, OccupiedTables, UpTime, and UpTimeSeconds.
  • Added new API commands for Rake Account: SystemRakeGet, SystemRakeSet, SystemRakeInc, SystemRakeDec.
  • Added new API commands for Entry Fee Account: SystemEntryFeeGet, SystemEntryFeeSet, SystemEntryFeeInc, SystemEntryFeeDec.
  • Added Calc Total command to Chips menu on Accounts tab for summing selected player balances.
  • Added Log Balance command to Chips menu on Accounts tab for recording player balances to event log.
  • Event logs now show a player's balance after every debit or credit.
  • Fixed chat line-wrap impersonation exploit by bolding name and removing extra spaces.
  • Fixed bug where ValCode parameter was not saved to file immediately.
  • Fixed a bug in ring game rebuy function that allowed a player to play one additional hand with no chips.

Version 2.23

  • Tables now open automatically for players logging back in.
  • Blank username and password now allowed for SMTP settings.
  • Fixed table merge bug in tournaments.
  • "Fold to any bet" box removed when player is all-in.
  • Entry fees now refunded to remaining players when administrator cancels tournament.

Version 2.22

  • Fixed betting limit bug in tournaments

Version 2.21

  • Fixed bug in reconnect routine
  • Updated help file with new "Gold" version info

Version 2.20

  • Added "Four-color deck" option to client lobby menu
  • Added rake option to ring games (Pro)
  • Added entry fee option to tournaments (Pro)
  • Added customizable payout structures for tournaments
  • "Save to File" and "Load from File" buttons added to tournament blinds schedule editor
  • Added rest break option for tournaments
  • Added animation to tournament antes
  • Added "Allow duplicate PCs" setting
  • Redesigned ad system so that custom HTML can be placed on all four sides of the playing area (Pro)
  • Playing area can now be sized up to 4000 x 4000 pixels and scrolled in the player's browser window (Pro)
  • Added RingGamesPlaying, RingGamesWaiting, and TournamentsPlaying commands to API (Pro)
  • SWF Flash client is now checked for tampering and compiled directly into the server EXE
  • Fixed numerous bugs

Version 2.11

  • Login times in client now converted to local time
  • Account signup dialog is now only displayed if enabled
  • Pausing a tournament now pauses level timer also
  • Fixed bug removing sitters too early from ring table
  • Fixed "Divide by zero" bug when ante puts a player all-in
  • Fixed bug in hand history slider control

Version 2.10

  • New API (application programming interface) implemented with over 40 commands for controlling user accounts, game settings, connections, and other system properties from an external source
  • Rathole prevention, Default Buy-in, and Leave Seat options added to ring games
  • Auto-muck option added to client table window. All checkbox settings are now remembered between sessions
  • Redesigned hand history tab no longer produces lag in client when full
  • Note field added to player accounts
  • Trial version users now have their own server directory at
  • Added new logging options: "Log listing", "Log API access", "Log remote administration". All chip transactions are now logged
  • List sorting options have been added to Remote Administration interface
  • "Unregister at logout" option added for tournaments
  • Tournaments can now start at a specific time with a recurring time option
  • Leaderboards and waiting lists are now viewable from the server console
  • Administrators can now manually unregister players from tournaments
  • Added "Allow chip transfers" option for player to player chip transfers
  • Added "Allow balance resets" and "Balance reset minutes" options for giving more chips to players
  • Added a "Crash recovery" option for refunding account balances on server crashes or power outages
  • The Buddy List function now uses the internal SMTP system for sending emails and removes the recipient limitation from the old system
  • LoginPlayer and LoginPassword parameters can now be passed via GET or POST to the game server for automated logins of players
  • The Login dialog now displays automatically when the client is loaded
  • Fixed numerous bugs

Version 2.08

  • Fixed a bug where disbanded tables were not completely cleared during a multi-table tournament
  • Fixed bug where players sometimes had to make two attempts to buy-in to a ring game
  • Fixed a bug in the client lobby that prevented the leaderboards from updating properly

Version 2.07

  • Added a "Clear all" button to Hand History box
  • Table chat box now only shows most recent 500 lines
  • Fixed betting round bug in ring game
  • Fixed incomplete deal bug in ring game

Version 2.06

  • Disconnects and removals now displayed in event log
  • Chat and history lists now only scroll when at bottom
  • Fixed blind posting bugs in ring game
  • Fixed fractional chip buy-in bug for ring games
  • Disconnected players who return within 2 minutes are no longer booted from ring game tables
  • Fixed timer bug in ring game buy-in dialog
  • Fixed bug in ring game timeout feature
  • Fixed column sorting bugs in lobby window
  • Net column in ring game lobby now adjusts correctly for rebuys
  • Player sitting out in a tournament will now auto fold when blinds put them all-in

Version 2.05

  • Added a "Check for newer version" feature to server's system tab help menu
  • Fixed a bug that caused pauses and freeze ups when players disconnected
  • Fixed a ring game bug involving two-handed play
  • Fixed a server GUI bug where list selections were not maintained during updates and sorting
  • Fixed a bug where players were showing 0 instead of "All-in" when the blinds put them all-in
  • A Content-Type header is now issued with all file port requests
  • The tournament leaderboard in the lobby window now displays the correct table number for a player if they've been moved
  • Fixed a tournament bug that was causing a delay when moving players after a table merge

Version 2.04

  • Fixed table-over-rebuy dialog bug
  • Fixed bug in "Auto start at bootup" setting
  • Account .dat files now updated immediately after balance change
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • Recoded update routine

Version 2.03

  • Added new "Allow account changes" system setting
  • Added "Chips" button to Accounts tab for setting, incrementing, and decrementing account balances
  • New "Negative" parameter added to "DecBalance" external control function
  • Added "Add" and "Edit" buttons to Blacklist function
  • Added sequential numbering system to tournaments
  • Game type, buyin, and blinds added to hand history
  • Fixed looping "hand cancelled" bug in ring games
  • Ring games players with less than 1 big blind must now rebuy to continue playing
  • Dead small blind posts in ring games now shown in pot
  • Fixed "You have Error" bug in hand helper
  • Site News now displays for new players

Version 2.02

  • Fixed bug in ring game betting
  • Fixed bug in site names that used reserved HTML characters
  • Added board card summary to pot showdown section of hand history
  • Added two second delay at the end of each hand

Version 2.01

  • Added secure connection option to SMTP feature
  • Support email address can now handle < > characters
  • Fixed tournament waiting list bug
  • Fixed Internet IP lookup bug

Version 2.00

  • Complete rewrite with Lite and Pro versions
  • Client runs in web browser as Flash application
  • Server directory at
  • User accounts
  • Ring games
  • Multi-table support (Pro)
  • Custom background and table logo graphics (Pro)
  • Remote administration (Pro)
  • Banner ad support (Pro)

Version 1.11

  • Fixed trackbar bug in client module

Version 1.10

  • Added remote start code feature

Version 1.04

  • Fixed error handling routines on client disconnects

Version 1.03

  • Fixed side pot creation bug

Version 1.02

  • Confirmation dialog displayed when closing server during a live game

Version 1.01

  • Added bet to pot animation
  • Fixed internal threading bug

Version 1.00

  • Initial release