Revision History

Version 1.50

  • Released as freeware

Version 1.32

  • Converted help file to HTMLHelp format

Version 1.31

  • Updated order form

Version 1.30

  • Produces smaller EXE files
  • Added OMD.exe command line decryption utility

Version 1.20

  • Added new symmetric/public encryption key sizes: 80/768, 128/1024, and 160/1536-bit in compliance with recently relaxed export restrictions
  • Added new Developer License option
  • Added DefaultEmailProgram script command
  • Added MessageOkCancel script command
  • Added Exit Script event
  • Added LoadFromFile and SaveToFile functions for listbox and combobox components
  • Added Copy/Cut/Paste clipboard features to script editor

Version 1.10

  • Fixed Memo component print margin bug.
  • Added Count and Item properties for Listbox and Combobox in GetComponent script command.
  • Added Itemindex property for Listbox and Combobox in SetComponent script command.
  • Added Delete function for Listbox in SetComponent script command.

Version 1.00

  • Initial release