Bump Starting Chip Stack to 2,000,000

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Bump Starting Chip Stack to 2,000,000

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I have been watching the new series 'Game of Gold' and want to mimic that format for a team event with my league. I know I can modify the structure down to line up with the 100,000 starting chip stack PM currently provides, but... how about ramping up the starting chip option to 2,000,000 to allow some of us lunatics to mirror this show and have some serious chip stacks in play? Thanks for the consideration, Supersonics
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Re: Bump Starting Chip Stack to 2,000,000

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This would also allow for stack size issues when running events with multiple Day 1s. Currently in order to achieve this we have to ensure that nobody will have a Day 2 stack over 100,000 chips which means making Day 1 Starting Stacks smaller than we would prefer.
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