Site Crashing When Accessing Admin Panel

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Site Crashing When Accessing Admin Panel

Post by clonecones »

Just curious if anyone else is having this issue. Happened to us a few times now and we somewhat have a workaround but it is limiting.

Whenever we have many users playing (200+) we can't access the admin portal or else the entire site goes down. We can even recreate the issue with less than 10 players if we have multiple admins trying to access the admin portal at once.

Our workaround is have the admin panel up 24/7 on the host server and just remote into the server but with multiple people working on issues and running tournaments, it limits our support capabilities.

Anything we can do to help troubleshoot this or make it easier for multiple admins to log in?
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Re: Site Crashing When Accessing Admin Panel

Post by Kent Briggs »

Does anything get recorded in the error log file?
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Re: Site Crashing When Accessing Admin Panel

Post by AJCPoker »

This has happened to me as well. It has happened at least 4 times since on version 7 and our solution, which isn't ideal, is to not access admin panel during a tourney. One thing I recall is when making an attempt to access admin panel, it would get hung up when loading the logs and wouldn't progress with loading the rest of the items. We simply just stay away from logging to admin now.
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