Poker Mavens 7.07 Released

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Poker Mavens 7.07 Released

Post by Kent Briggs »

Upgrade page:

*** Remember to shut down the server completely and close the service manager before running the patch ***


Added "PKO bounty" option to tournament settings to allow for a progressive knockout bounty tournament. This works like a regular bounty except that when you knock out a player, you get half of their bounty (awarded to your account immediately) and the other half is added to your own bounty. The tournament winner gets their own bounty (just as they did with a regular bounty). Progressive bounties are not allowed if the ICM Chop (Player Chop) setting is enabled.

Added player's bounty to seat mouseover info. This will be important to see in a progressive bounty tournament.

Added Save button to mobile interface so that table chat, info, stats, and hand history can be saved (as was the case in version 6). The Desktop interface already had this feature.

Moved ICM Chop agreement to beginning of hand (instead of the end). This allows players to chop during a rest break so they won't have to play an additional hand. They will still need to check the "End break early" box to see the agreement dialog right away. Otherwise it comes up as soon as the break ends.

Fixed tourney results bug for winner's own bounty. Previously there was a thread conflict possibility where the main tournament thread could write out the tourney results file before the table thread gave the winner credit for their own bounty. They still won the chips but the result file might not have recorded it.

Fixed level timer bug during sync break. Previously if the rest break was tied to the system clock, the table's level clock would keep ticking down until the break ended, when it then reset back to when the break started.

Fixed deck change bug for run-it-twice board. Previously if you made a card deck change after opening a table, it only updated the first board but not the second one used by the run-it-twice option.

Implemented word wrap in debugger dialogs. Previously you had to resize the dialog to see text that extended off the right end.
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Re: Poker Mavens 7.07 Released

Post by BaxtersClub »

Thanks, the addition of PKOs is awesome for my group. It was the main thing we gave up in the move from PokerStars. I haven't installed it yet, but it sounds like a good implementation. I am anxious to try it.
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Re: Poker Mavens 7.07 Released

Post by Supersonics »

Great update adding PKO!
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