7-2 Game

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7-2 Game

Post by noah »

This was asked for before (http://www.briggsoft.com/forums/viewtop ... f=9&t=3085) … I'm adding another "upvote" to the request.

We play a lot of cash using Mavens… it's been an amazing "resource" during the pandemic; keeps us off the street and out of trouble. We play a five game mix and, invariably, one of us will bluff a 7-2 during hold 'em, flip the cards, and bask in the wrath of our opponents.

When we used to play in person we would have a rule which would reward someone for winning a hand with 7-2. Each loser would pay the winner a fixed amount. The winner, holding 7-2, got paid regardless of whether there was a show down, but 7-2 had to be the winning hand. Needless to say, you had to show the cards if there was no show down.

In any case, given the 100s of requests you get I'm sure this one is way down the list... but, throwing it out there in any case to see other Mavens users want to give it an upvote.
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Re: 7-2 Game

Post by LucasStewart »

In general, I'm all for it, but I'm afraid it will be not soon
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Re: 7-2 Game

Post by stabbypete »

I wanted to bump this up. My group plays together both live & online; the 72 game* is a favorite in the live game and I get asked every week when PM is going to support it.

*All players pay two big blinds to any player who wins the main pot while holding 72. If there was no showdown, the last to fold must pay an extra two big blinds. Players who were felted are exempt.
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Re: 7-2 Game

Post by Sevens »

I would also love to see that feature implemented.

Would be nice to have a checkbox labeled with "7-2", so that anyone who wants to participate in the special 7-2 pot can opt-in. Visually it should look exactly like the "Run It Twice" Checkbox.
The special "7-2 pot" should be fed from each players stack after the hand is finished. You'd just have to add another parameter for the game specifying the amount each participating player has to pay to the 7-2 winner. In our live cash games with 5/10c blinds we pay 25c each.

Thanks for considering it, Kent
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