File Maven (DOS) 3.5a

File Maven ™ (DOS) is an free DOS freeware file manager with high speed PC-to-PC file transfers via serial or parallel cable. The user interface features a dual directory display with pull-down menus, mouse support, hot keys, 50-line video support, and a choice of 10 pre-defined color schemes.



  • Copy, Move, Delete files in a split window interface
  • LapLink-style file transfers with 32-bit CRC error checking
  • ZIP/LHA/ARJ compressed file support
  • Built-in ASCII/hex file viewer with junk filter and search feature
  • Built-in text editor for small batch files
  • File search (by name and/or contents), split/join, date stamping
  • Blowfish encryption and secure file wipe
  • Complete on-line documentation in context sensitive, hypertext help system
  • Directory Maven compatible tree scanning and quick directory changer


  • MS-DOS 3.0 or later or Windows 3.1
  • For 32-bit Windows file management, use File Maven Pro instead.
  • For Win32-to-Win32 or Win32-to-DOS file transfers, use Link Maven instead.

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Other Information

Frequently Asked Questions - A FAQ file for File Maven is available here.