Revision History

Version 5.11

  • Fixed "GetNativeSystemInfo" bug on Win 9x systems
  • Fixed "Grid index out of range" bug in search feature when locating offsets over 2 billion

Version 5.10

  • Added full Vista and Windows 7 support with new kernel mode driver (32-bit and 64-bit systems)

Version 5.05

  • Fixed continuous error loop in FAT Module when a cluster could not be read

Version 5.04

  • Purge command in NTFS module will now report errors after completion instead of aborting after first error

Version 5.03

  • Added volume locking for better Windows Vista compatibility (see FAQ)
  • Converted help file to HTMLHelp format

Version 5.02

  • Added purge progress dialog in FAT Module
  • Fixed list scroll bug in FAT & NTFS Modules

Version 5.01

  • Fixed File/List/Export bug in FAT Module

Version 5.00

  • Added support for NTFS-formatted drives
  • Includes both NTFS and FAT modules with redesigned interface
  • Replaced File Bin with integrated Filtered List
  • Undelete multiple files with a single command

Version 4.06

  • Fixed NT/2K/XP bug in Cluster/System_Sectors function

Version 4.05

  • Fixed NT/2K/XP support for non-standard sector sizes

Version 4.04

  • Fixed file size bug in Unerase command
  • Help file graphics now scale correctly in small font mode
  • Updated order form

Version 4.03

  • Fixed support for non-standard sector sizes

Version 4.02

  • Fixed bug in purge command
  • Fixed bug in cluster count calculation

Version 4.01

  • Fixed directory slack bug that crashed program on some systems

Version 4.00

  • Integrated directories and files into single File Tree control
  • Replaced Global List with File Bin
  • Files, cluster chain, and FAT table linked together in single window
  • Recover erased files from erased directories, any level deep
  • Improved unerase support on NT/2000/XP systems
  • Improved filtering system for file searching
  • Wipe file slack
  • Wipe multiple clusters
  • Simplified target file function
  • Access to system sectors
  • Access to backup FAT table
  • Cluster printing
  • Hex converter tool
  • Text color and size selection
  • User tips
  • Improved help file with screen shots

Version 3.21

  • Fixed bug in File/View function

Version 3.20

  • Added support for Windows NT/2000 (FAT drives only)
  • Save to file options added to print function
  • Save & recall options added to file & cluster search functions
  • Added support for external file viewers
  • Added free space wipe function
  • Added additional wipe patterns
  • Improved support for files over 2 Gb

Version 3.14

  • Fixed bug in File/Search
  • Added support for files over 2 Gb

Version 3.13

  • Fixed bug in numeric control on Target/Append dialog

Version 3.12

  • Improved support for Unicode filenames
  • Fixed A: drive access bug
  • Fixed slider bar bug

Version 3.11

  • Fixed resource leak caused by Delphi 5 compiler bug

Version 3.10

  • Added Print List function
  • Added Select All function to main and popup menus
  • Added text column to Raw pane
  • Added Save/Load buttons to Current/Search dialog
  • Sort order now maintained after directory change
  • File selections now held after sort change

Version 3.00

  • More readable directory listing with field sorting
  • Added auto unerase feature
  • Recover multiple clusters with target file function
  • Added file and cluster search features
  • Added file and cluster wipe features
  • Added Global List for grouping files across multiple dirs/drives
  • View clusters in Hex, Text, or Directory formats
  • Improved memory management
  • Program now marketed as shareware

Version 2.1

  • Added Explorer-style directory tree
  • Hidden & system directories now accessible
  • Entries starting with 00h can be purged

Version 2.0

  • Added FAT32 support
  • Improved cluster viewer
    • FAT table display
    • Detailed cluster chain info
    • Chain trace buttons
    • Cluster to file mapping
    • Save/Undelete clusters to target file
  • More detailed disk parameters with disk map
  • Create/Last access dates displayed
  • Unused directory entries displayed
  • Refresh disk command for floppy changes
  • Window sizes saved and restored
  • Now works with floppies formatted prior to DOS 4
  • Accepts starting directory on command line