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Instructions - Select desired product license from the list below and then click the applicable "Add to Cart" button. The checkout process will continue on BitPay's website where they will display the equivalent price in Bitcoins (and other supported cryptocurrencies) using the current exchange rate. Click your browser's Back button to return to this page to add more items.

Wallet - You must use a bitcoin wallet that supports the BIP-70 Payment Protocol. This ensures that you don't accidentally underpay or overpay or include an insufficient miner's fee that would otherwise delay or invalidate the transaction. If your current wallet does not support this feature then just install one of the free ones shown in the link, transfer enough bitcoin there, and pay from it.

Delivery - BitPay will notify us when the transaction is complete (6+ confirmations on the blockchain), which typically takes about an hour. Orders received and cleared between 9 am and 9 pm USA central time are usually processed within a few hours. You will then receive a download link at the email address that you specifed during checkout. You may want to whitelist the domain in your spam filters to ensure you do not miss this message.

Check here if resident of Texas, USA (8.25% sales tax)

  Product Description License Price Add to Cart
Calendar Commander calendar printing utility 1-User $34.95
CryptaPix jpg image encryption utility 1-User $34.95
Directory Snoop file recovery/wipe utility 1-User $39.95
File Maven Pro general purpose file manager 1-User $29.00
Poker Mavens internet poker software
Puffer data and email encryption 1-User $34.95